After a year of “pause” because we had no terrain, we were able to organize our 8th international kite festival in Twente this year, June 30 and July 1, because the kite festival is now being organized outside the municipality of Twenterand, we will change the name and logo. The kite festival is named Vliegerfeest Twente and the logo is also new. The colors of the Twente flag are incorporated in this and of course the Twente Ros should not be missing. Because the field was a bit smaller than in previous years, we were unable to invite as many participants and the counter remained at almost 200 racers from home and abroad. But the pleasure of organizing the weather was no less. A week in advance, we slowly started to divide the field and get dressed in the new colors. We soon found out that it was a good choice to go to sea with the Spalink family, what a cooperation, top. Thursday evening we were ready and the next morning we could receive the pilots on the new site at Zalencentum Spalink in Geesteren.

The sun sky was blue and the sun was shining in the sky when the first pilots arrived and were guided by Jan with his new “off-road vehicle” in place. The first reactions of the participants were positive and an organization does well. we had invited the participants for a welcome drink on the terrace of the conference center. It was cozy again and a nice start at the new location. Both days of the kite party, the weather cooperated well. Sunny and there was a nice breeze, the kites felt like it and there were many kites in the sky. The public also found the new location and enjoyed the many kites that were in the air. But in addition to the many kites that will be on display, animation was also provided. Jump cushions, a treasure hunt and a kite making workshop. But Tessa Kokhuis, a make-up specialist, was also present. For years she has painted children’s faces and the children sat in line on Saturday and Sunday. Balloon clown Peter was also invited. He left everyone amazed by his true works of art that he could create with a bit of latex and air. His years of experience with various balloon figures came in very handy, because there is almost no balloon figure that Peter cannot realize! But we, as Twente VliegerVrienden (organization), also had a scoop.Rabobank Noord West Twente appreciated it very much that this child friendly and freely accessible event was organized in this region and has therefore decided to support us. This contribution also enabled us to come up with a scoop ourselves. What belongs to a Twents event, the Twentse Ros.We have had the Twentse Ros copied and Mayor Wilmien Haverkamp of the municipality of Tubbergen and Robin Geerdink of Rabobank NW Twente opened the kite festival by launching the Ros of 8 meters, which then chose the sky above Twente while scaffolding. Saturday night the field was a fairy tale. The participants had done their best to make the field look beautiful in the evening. Unfortunately, the audience failed and afterwards we heard that the neighborhood parties were organized in different ways. Hopefully the visitors will come next year now that they have seen the beautiful photos and the positive reports in the media. Sunday started with a breakfast and the weather cooperated again. The sky was full again and today the public enjoyed the many variegated forms. We look back on a very successful kite party and hope to be able to return to this location next year. To be continued.