We had never participated in the 10-day Kite Festival Berck sur Mer in France, but we had heard a lot about it. There had been contact with the organization and we were very welcome to participate in the 33rd kite festival. Friday morning for the kite festival at 6:00 am with car and trailer packed with kites on the way to Jan and Marga. The last things were packed here and then it went to Berck. After 7 hours of driving we arrived at the apartment where we would stay these days. The accommodation looked neat and installed us quickly. We could park the trailer at Uwe and Ellen Kunkel (in a reserved place for participants), until we could bring it to the beach the next day.
Uwe and Ellen gave us a little tour of the city until we could report to the organization. Here we received an envelope with the necessary information, vouchers, buttons, etc. Then we went to a restaurant to end the day here with us six. Then we explored the promenade, there were all pagoda tents. Partly commercial but also a group where demonstrations and exhibitions were held by kites.
The following morning the trailer was brought to the beach, where many participants were already standing with their kite material and would also be brought to their place with a tractor. Everyone had to be patient before it was their turn, but in the end everyone was in place.
The beach was divided into different sectors. There were a number of beach huts per sector that the pilots used. We (TVV), together with Uwe and Ellen and Jurgen and Ingrid van Almelo, were at the top of the line. We were not alone here, there were kites from Italy, England, Indonesia, Germany, Portugal. The “camp” was built and soon the first pilots were already in the air, anchored to concrete blocks that the organization had distributed over the beach (sectors). The wind was not perfect and it was therefore working, but then you come talking to the neighbor 🙂

I don’t describe all of them extensively every day, that’s what the photos are for, but it was a kite festival with all weather types, only the snow was missing. From short sleeves to frost and no wind. From 9 a.m. we were on the beach around 12 a.m. there was a meal ready for the participants in the large tent every day. It was a kind of buffet where you had a choice of 2 different meals with dessert after. Every day it was a surprise what the pot bought, but it tasted great, compliments. Then it was kite flying again, getting acquainted with kites, taking pictures, a few times together with the kites on the field, a cocktail hour and around six we packed up. Then we ended the days differently, eating a few days in our apartment, eating out or socializing with a group of barbecues on the beach.
One by one all successful days.
The last Saturday evening of the kite festival is the highlight of these days, evening flying with a giant firework display at the end. We had built up the Alliens that we had made during the workshop and were ready to release them. But unfortunately, the wind thought differently about it, so it was time to fly with the kite to show the audience something. As far as I’m concerned, this could be organized slightly differently. It was a jumble of lines because everyone did their best to show something and walked in all directions. I think (if there is no wind) to make a program so that the participant with his / her kite will walk in groups towards the visitors. Less chaos and better shine. But ok, everyone organizes in their own way. After half an hour trying to put the kite in the air the fireworks and some fireworks started. We had never seen such large and beautiful fireworks ourselves, TOP.

Monday morning we had the trailer removed from the beach and it went back to Twente. It was a great event for us and hopefully this will not be the last time and in 2020 our kite will be above Berck Beach again.

We want to thank Gerard, the city of Berck and the entire organization for all their efforts and a great festival.

(Translated with Google Translate)